Who we are

Our prime objective is to combat poverty and child misuse/abuse by exposing and instructing at-risk urban youth on performing arts and music and helping to raise their academic achievement.

Our Mission

Hope for a New Generation is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with other youth organizations to give youth opportunities to travel, participate in exchange programs, music, dance and art, and improve their ability to compete academically. Our effort can help youth understand cultural diversity at both the national and international levels, develop inter-cultural learning skills, academic excellence and participate in preserving of their own culture.

Our Goals

Our goal is to empower and engage at-risk children by providing a musical foundation to help improve their social and academic abilities. We will provide a holistic network of social support for youth and their families; and establish an academic foundation to improve educational standards.

Our Vision

Hope for a New Generation is a global social justice organization whose primary objective is to combat the poverty-driven factors that lead to abuse of women and children. Our strategies include improving the lives of at-risk urban youth by exposure and instruction in the performing arts, raising academic achievement levels, sponsoring mission initiatives and the preservation of culture.

Our Values

  • We accept young people at face value.
  • We encourage the spiritual, social, and personal development of young people and support them to be the best they can be for future generations.
  • We create an educational environment that supports the moral values being taught by parents and community leaders.
  • We teach young people to value their relationships with one another and to understand the consequences of their actions.
  • We bring worldwide resources to young people in need.
  • We are passionate about young people and opportunity they can achieve together.
  • We help young people gain access to life skills, education, job training and opportunities to be aware of their successes.
  • We do anything possible to improve the conditions and prospects of young people where they live, learn, work and play.

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