Our Mandate

Our mandate as followers of Christ:

Clearly, our mandate is to educate. Jesus charges his disciples then and now to “Go therefore and teach all nations … teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you” (Mat, 28:19-20).In order to be a follower of Christ and to fully engage in our community, we must first learn how to improve our lives spiritually, socially, and morally. The further we as Christian educate ourselves and our children, the better we advance our chances to succeed in our community and to live healthier spiritual lives. Thus, we are in better position to influence and enhance society.

It is our duty as followers of Christ to encourage, educate and bring spiritual knowledge and awareness to the community, at large.

Jesus’ main purpose was to supply an opportunity for the world to delve into the religious experience which demonstrated God in Jesus, an experience which identified with those whom society deemed weak and lowly.

As the exemplar of Jesus our mission is to focus on the teaching of Jesus, as one who always stands up for, represents and brings freedom, liberty and warm welcome to marginal people. It is at the heart of the Christian mission to emphasize right and wrong in every human community.

By understanding the teaching of Jesus, our duty is to go where the oppressors and those who suffer cannot be reached. We as Christian leaders must do this, so we can reach all of those in need, with hope and a new life, we can help change the oppression and suffering. Surely, we must intensify our efforts to help all people see the biblical basis of the ministry of the poor and all aspects of development work, just as Jesus carried out his mission.

By: Rev., Jude Louis, MACE, MACM, EDS

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