Founder and Director of Hope for a New Generation

Hope for a New Generation is a global social justice organization established in 1999 by Jude Louis. Its basic objective is to combat poverty and child misuse and abuse by exposing and instructing at-risk urban youth to performing arts and raising their academic achievement levels.

As the founder and executive director of the organization Mr. Louis has used his personal savings to bless many youth that were hopeless. He has reached many with the message of hope, education, spirituality and morality both here and abroad. Mr. Louis’ humanitarian efforts have been felt as far away as Africa, Brazil and Haiti after the devastating earthquake. In fact, he was at the forefront helping afflicted Haitian children and women. Youths benefitting from the Hope for a New Generation mentoring program are now in college, still in school or in the military living their lives more positively. Most of the youth testify that if it were not for Mr. Louis’ mentoring program they would be in the streets, in jail or dead.

Though Mr. Louis is a talented and educated humanitarian, he remains humble and obtains his satisfaction from helping the underprivileged in the society. For his noble works he has been recognized and honored numerous times by the lay community, music societies, churches, various organizations and other religious associations.

Mr. Louis uses his talents for music and other performing arts to reach out to children whose lives are at risk of poverty and child abuse and help them improve their current situations and build brighter futures for themselves. The key pillars for the organization are Hope, Education, Spirituality and Morality.

Louis’ journey to becoming a renowned Opera singer started as a child, at only 6 years old he performed in front of a crowd and the audience’s applause and admiration confirmed to him that indeed his future lies in music. He pursued a Bachelor of Music Education and Performance at Barry University, and thereafter a Master of Christian Education/Masters of Sacred Music at the ITC Morehouse School of Religion. His musical talents have mesmerized many audiences and they extend beyond the classical music genre. Mr. Louis along other music performers has participated in the production and direction of musical concerts, interpretation of spirituals and hymns cutting through different cultural divides. As an ambassador of classical music, Mr. Louis and other performing dignitaries have contributed in creating its awareness among public schools music education, recitals, Television, Radio and other charities.

Mr. Louis is an Education Specialist with a degree in Curriculum Instruction Management and Administration, from the Nova Southeastern University. He has incorporated music in his sound curriculums that aim to teach academics. His teaching materials are suited for individual learning and behavioral needs. He is also a patient and understanding children’s counselor, who especially advocates for underprivileged children.

Not only does Mr. Louis’ follow the wise teachings of Jesus Christ but as a theologian he uses these same teachings to spread messages of hope, freedom, liberty and love to the marginal people

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