How Hope for a New Generation changed my life, and why you should help this organization to continue doing good works.

Before, I met Mr. Louis, I was on the verge of dropping out of school. I believed that the school system was a waste of time. Mr. Louis changed my life. He showed me the positive aspects of life. Through the mentoring and the afterschool program, he taught us leadership skills and ways to take ownership of our lives. He also taught us that nothing in life can be achieved without hard work.

Most people are shocked by the way I have changed. As I said previously, I was on the verge of dropping out. I used to be very influenced by friends and did things I should not have done. Mr. Louis now helped me walk down the right path in life. From then on, my life went from the pit of hell to the gates of heaven. I am now committed to my education and my church. Who knows? I could have been dead or in jail if I had never met Mr. Louis. I can honestly say that he has been had the greatest impact on my life. Since I never grew up with a father, it was a blessing from God to have Mr. Louis as a father figure, a role model, a true man of God I can always look up to and learn from.

Thank you very much Mr. Louis. You were a guide who helped me and gave me good advice. You were there for me and always told me that I could do anything. Thank you for believing in me and for being there in times of trouble. I really appreciate all the good advice you gave me, and for taking me to all the places we went to. You showed up to all the sessions. You called me and met my parents. That meant a lot to me. You are a guide, a father figure, a friend and a great advisor. You taught me a lot and I thank you. Love Always


Hope for a New Generation will always be a blessing for me and the community. There are many things that Hope for New Generation has done for me. I was the child that hung with the wrong type of people and was always doing the wrong thing. However, when Mr. Louis came into my life as a spiritual mentor, he provided me with decision-making tools and guidance that will enable me to make the most informed life decisions. Without Mr. Louis’ guidance and encouragement, I could never have discovered all the positive things in my life. I admire Mr. Louis and was blessed by his guidance that changed my life. I honestly do think the Lord has sent Mr. Louis to me so he can be my guardian angel.

Thank you for being so involved in my life. You listened to me and always gave me great advice. In this program I gained confidence and learned that if I'm persistent I can actually reach my goals, even if they seem impossible. Thank you, Mr. Louis, for always encouraging me to be myself.


Hello Mr. Louis, I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have you in my life and for giving me advice like no one in my life ever did. I also want to thank you for listening … which is the one thing they don't do at my house.

Hope for a New Generation teaches me skills, knowledge and habits that lead to success. It gives me a great path to realize my hopes, dreams, motivation and goals.


I would highly recommend Hope for a New Generation Youth Mentoring Program to any families with children, whether they have behavioral problems or not. Mr. Jude Louis and his staff are a special select that few people have the capability of bringing out the best of kids, with understanding and compassion.


Thank you for teaching me how to do better in school, and for always being there when I needed you. I knew you cared for me when you promised to show up at my performance with the school band and you did. This mentoring program has helped me set goals and complete them. It taught me how to treat people with respect.

My son Kendrick participated in the Hope for a New Generation Mentoring Program was held by Mr. Louis at Schekinah Glory Church of Miami. I signed him up because he was having a hard time dealing with his anger. Today, my son is a better young man and able to better cope with the stress of everyday life. I thank God for the mentors of the program. They have been a blessing.