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There are many ways you can help to promote Hope For a New Generation. Getting our message out there helps to raise vital funds, attract assistance and to promote insterest in the problems that we are trying to solve.

Consider helping us in the following ways, or contact us if you have some unique ideas of your own:


Share public policy messages with elected officials about issues that impact the nonprofit organizationShare posts from the nonprofit’s facebook page. Sharing a facebook post from the nonprofit’s page will enable your friends to learn about the nonprofit.

You can also comment and like posts by HFNG on your Facebook page so more people can learn about HFNG.

Donate your Facebook feed.

Help out by promoting our events to your group of friends, and if you encourage them to share with other their friends, who knows how many people could be reached?


Simply tweeting about HOPE FOR A NEW GENERATION to all of your followers can help. Retweeting tweets from the nonprofit can also be a big help.


Place a link to our website in the signature of your email. It only takes a few minutes to set up and once done, you share it with everyone that you email.


Taking the time to write an editorial to your local paper praising HOPE FOR A NEW GENERATION, explaining all the positive things that HOPE FOR A NEW GENERATION does, and letting people know how they can support it is a great way to get the word out. This is a wonderful way for HOPE FOR A NEW GENERATION to get some unexpected publicity, and possibly donations from those people who want to give to a good cause.

Writing an editorial is an effective way for people in your local community to learn about HOPE FOR A NEW GENERATION they may not have heard about before.

None of these takes a whole lot of time, but it helps get the word out and promote those causes which are important to you.

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